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Sam Fu samf at CollectiveStudios.Com
Wed Aug 15 23:45:31 UTC 2007

Hey All, I was wondering if anyone had any information about this.  I've
managed to Web 2.0/Ajax Bugzilla 3.0 for my company's use.  From a UI
and user experience perspective it has been well received.  The only
adverse effect that I've noticed from doing this is the heavy load in
terms of CPU usage on the server.  This is due in part to asynchronous
connections that each individual calls to the server.  While looking at
the server I've noticed that Perl handles each individual request by
creating a new process.  So if an individual makes 5 requests to the
server (to update 5 different parts of the UI), the server handles it by
opening 5 individual Perl.exe processes rather than, for example keeping
a process open and running thread support.  


I believe that this problem is causing my other problem.  Occasionally,
I receive a response from the server that is 'undefined'.  I haven't
been able to track this down, but I believe it has to either be Bugzilla
or Perl that's responding in the chain with this value.


We're running a quad-core for our Bugzilla server, so our load is fine,
but another studio is using a regular workstation and they are suffering
performance issues.  I was wondering if anyone could make any
suggestions as to how I can identify and handle these issues.  Thanks


Sam Fu

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