bugzilla.org website CVS repository moving

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Fri Sep 29 05:45:46 UTC 2006

Some of you are already aware, but just to make sure everyone knows,
we're in the process of moving the bugzilla.org website out of
mozilla-org/html/projects/bugzilla/ into bugzilla-org/ on the cvs
server, in order to allow us to use a more flexible site build system.
The CVS file copies in order to preserve history on the files was
performed this afternoon.  We'll be switching over the live site to pull
from the new repo as soon as we get it building correctly.  I'll post
again when that happens.

In the mean time, remember that if you change anything on the website,
you need to make the same change in both repos until we complete the

The source data for the installation list is the main thing that's in a
different spot in the new repo.  It's now in the lib/ directory at the
top-level (outside of what's essentially the docroot).

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