REST + microformats as a Bugzilla API

Dave Williss dwilliss at
Tue Oct 17 15:46:35 UTC 2006

Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	It would be interesting to know who our REST clients would be, and we
> could give them what they'd be most interested in.
> 	-Max

This is something I would like to be able to use here.  We have an 
automated testing system here that we wrote ourselves. It keeps all it's 
state information in a MySQL database.  Through its web interface, a 
programmer of QA person can see what tests are failing and determine 
what bugs to write up.  When they write up the bug, they enter the 
bugzilla id on the page for that test, and mark the test as disabled so 
they don't keep getting bugged about it.

Every hour, the test system does a query of the Bugzilla database to see 
if any of the bugs it's blocking on are "RESOLVED FIXED" and re-enables 
any tests on those bugs.

It also checks for any tests which have bugzilla ids attached to them 
which are now passing and if it finds any, does the following..

    # INSERT CODE HERE -- Mark the bug as VERIFIED in Bugzilla.

Having a REST or SOAP XML-RPC interface would allow me to insert that 
code there :-)

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