Documentation for Bugzilla 3.0

Colin Ogilvie bugzilla at
Sun Oct 15 16:19:00 UTC 2006


Over the last few releases, new features have been added to Bugzilla, but 
there has sometimes been very little documentation written for them.

If you are either the author of one of these new features, or simply a user of 
them, please help bring the documentation up to speed for that feature... it 
would be great to be able to ship Bugzilla 3.0 with some documentation for 
the majority of features.

The biggest way to help is by writing documentation – even just as a text file 
attached to a bug without any XML formatting etc. around it would be a good 
start – someone else that knows the docbook format could then convert it to 
the format we require for the guide.

You could also take a look at the open documentation bugs 
( and see if you are able to write documentation 
for any of them.


Colin Ogilvie
bugzilla at

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