Time for Landfill to move again

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Tue Oct 10 17:01:32 UTC 2006

For those that didn't already hear
(http://www.sethbindernagel.com/mozilla/?p=25), the Bugzilla project has
received a new VMWare ESX 3.0.1 server via the Mozilla Corporation's
Community Giving program.

The existing landfill server is going to get p2v'd into a VM running on
that box (which will give it additional CPU and RAM in the process), and
we'll be able to add additional VMs for tinderbox clients and so forth,
to be able to keep the tinderboxes from killing the CPU on the
development box while you're working on developing stuff. :)

The box has arrived, and Mozilla's IT is ready to run the p2v on
landfill whenever we're ready.  The question now is, when are we ready?
 I told him probably next week after our 2.23.2 QA cycle is done, but I
figured I'd ask to make sure.  If we can handle a couple hours of
downtime, anytime's good.

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