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Yogesh Karandikar ykarandikar at 2wire.com
Mon Nov 27 22:22:53 UTC 2006



We use bugzilla 2.22 in our organization. The time tracking feature in
this version of bugzilla gives a report in terms of amount of time
worked on selected bug(s). 


We think it would be better to have an option to see a report in terms
of amount of time left for resolution of the bug(s). It would be nice if
we take into account the time remaining on a bug, load factor of the
developer to whom it's assigned to and weekly schedule of the developer
to give an estimate in wall clock time.


I am thinking of adding one more table that would store the load factor
(a simple multiplier)  and weekly schedule of developer. Providing
access to that table via user prefs cgi to allow developer to enter the
load factor and their weekly schedule. Providing an option to
summarize_time.cgi to get summary in terms of amount of time left.
Calculate the time left on a bug by making use of bugs.remaining_time,
multiply it by load factor of developer working on it. Then give an
estimated date of completion based on weekly schedule (devise an
algorithm for it). It will have the same flow as current time tracking
summary report.


I would like to know if someone is already working on it. If not, can I
add it in as a patch? 


suggestions are welcome...  




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