[scmbug-users] Re: OT: Despot?

David O'Shea david.oshea at dspace.com.au
Thu Nov 2 01:26:16 UTC 2006

Hi Kristis,

Previously where I worked our SCM system had a per-branch state which was one of:

1. any commits allowed
2. commits allowed only if they specified a bug ID
3. commits allowed only if they specified a bug ID from a particular list (stored in a text file)
4. no commits allowed (which I guess is a special case of 3 with an empty list)

I guess #3 is similar to where you only allow commits where the specified bug ID has a specified keyword set on it.  However, based on my limited experience with Bugzilla (I know I'm being restrictive by only talking about Bugzilla here when scmbug supports other systems too, but I use Bugzilla), I think that user permissions either permit or deny a user from editing any and all keywords and I can't say that a particular user has access only to add keywords with a certain name.  On the other hand, with a per-branch text file you can set permissions on each file to allow different users to edit that file in case you have different people managing different branches.  Where I worked there was a web tool for requesting and granting approval for commits to particular branches which resulted in bug IDs being added to such text files.

Associating a reason with the restriction is useful too - for #3 you might want any error produced by scmbug to include the text "upcoming release n.nn" and for #4 you might want to say "branch has been merged into trunk and is permanently closed".

As I mentioned to you before, I would like to select between #1 and #2 on a per-directory or file basis too.  Perhaps the mechanism can be made to allow these things to be set up on a per-branch, per-directory or per-group of files basis?


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On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 15:33 -0800, Christopher Heiny wrote:
> Zach Lipton wrote:
> >> Christopher Heiny wrote:
> >>
> >>> Hmmmm.  Despot sounds like something we could use around here.  Is  
> >>> there a site with information about despot?  Or is it not a  publicly 
> >>> available thing?
> >
> I was hoping it might provide a tidy way to lock specific branches in 
> CVS - which it might, but it sounds like it's not something that can be 
> just picked up.

Locking specific branches. That's an idea.

Scmbug could be just picked up! It can detect the branch name in which a
changeset is pushed. It should be trivial to implement a policy that
locks specific branches.

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