OT: Despot?

Kristis Makris kristis.makris at asu.edu
Thu Nov 2 01:16:29 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 15:33 -0800, Christopher Heiny wrote:
> Zach Lipton wrote:
> >> Christopher Heiny wrote:
> >>
> >>> Hmmmm.  Despot sounds like something we could use around here.  Is  
> >>> there a site with information about despot?  Or is it not a  publicly 
> >>> available thing?
> >
> I was hoping it might provide a tidy way to lock specific branches in 
> CVS - which it might, but it sounds like it's not something that can be 
> just picked up.

Locking specific branches. That's an idea.

Scmbug could be just picked up! It can detect the branch name in which a
changeset is pushed. It should be trivial to implement a policy that
locks specific branches.

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