Customizing bugzilla workflow (bug #101179)

Paulo Casanova paulo.casanova at
Fri Mar 31 12:24:47 UTC 2006


I would like to see bugzilla's customizable workflow done and I would like
to contribute a patch. However, there are some architectural issues I would
like to discuss first.

I think the whole workflow should be controlled by an independent module so
I could be replaced by something else in specific instalations. If this is
allowed we could have BZ easily integrated into more complex enterprise
architectures which use other technologies (such as Oracle BPEL).

My main concern about bug #101179 is that I see a "custom workflow"
implementation and I see no need for it as most of the work is already done.
I don't know much about CPAN's workflow module (Workflow) but I don't have
much confidence since its a new module and never heard of anyone using it.

BZ could ship with an implementation of the "abstract" Bugzilla::Workflow
module using a solution based on what has been discussed on the bug.

In what features are concerted, I think we should support:
	a) Internally, each bug should have a process number (this allows
mapping into other workflow systems);
	b) The workflow module should be able to define a number of fields
that characterize each state (currently, status + resolution);
	c) User actions (accept, reassign, resolve) for each bug are
determined by the workflow module;
	d) All changes that occur after a user action are determined by the
workflow module (default will just change state, invoke some mail sending
and register the bug activity);

A few things I would like to discuss is:
	e) How do we start processes? The products page could be replaced by
a "workflows" page (the default module can have a different workflow per
product) but more complex systems could have several workflows per product;
	f) Should we control which fields can be edited in which workflow

Any ideas?


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