Technology requirements in browsers

Dennis Melentyev dennis.melentyev at
Fri Mar 3 11:14:11 UTC 2006

Tom Emerson wrote:
> Dennis Melentyev writes:
> [...]
>>other not-fully-browsers-things) would be able to call some API (say, 
>>Bugzilla-client CPAN module?) to do their stuff.
> More Perl lockin? Blech. Better a SOAP or XML/RPC that can be used
> from multiple languages and applications...
I did not say that it should not be SOAP or XML/RPC based. I just need a 
command-line interface to remote bugzilla instances. Since most scripts 
are in Perl, it's easier to have just another CPAN module. I don't care 
would it contact server via XML/RPC or plain Ethernet packets.

Just think of it as of Perl binding for Bugzilla API. So, it looks like 
we agree on this :)

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