Technology requirements in browsers

David Miller justdave at
Wed Mar 1 21:06:28 UTC 2006

Vlad Dascalu wrote on 3/1/06 3:05 PM:
> Functionality (basic) should be available to Lynx users.
> Considering that, we can do CSS or javascript-only, or AJAX-only 
> improvements (we already have such improvements for non-Lynx users: 
> images, for example).

Yeah, this is my view as well.  Let's make things pretty and functional 
with the advanced technology, but as long as the basics still work in 
eLinks and Lynx I'll be happy.

We actually have developers at that use eLinks with Bugzilla 
because they do their development work on remote machines and for 
whatever reason find it easier to run a browser on the machine they're 
shelled into than on their local machine.

eLinks actually supports Javascript, btw.  It doesn't do a very good job 
of it yet though.

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