checksetup on the run!

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Sat Jul 29 00:42:15 UTC 2006

	I'm doing some major, major hacking to, as a part of this

	Basically, almost all of checksetup is going to end up in modules under
the Bugzilla::Install namespace.

	It's moving extremely fast right now, so if you touch a part of
checksetup in any current patch it's extremely likely to rot, and I do

	Once things are in the modules they're relatively more stable. If you
have a patch that touches checksetup and it's super-close to approval,
and you don't want to have to fix the bitrot, mention it to me and I'll
try not to touch that part of checksetup until you've checked-in your

	Finally, I'm doing extremely extensive testing, and we do have to catch me if something goes horribly wrong, but
there's still always a chance of something breaking, particularly when
editing code as strange as checksetup. So be careful when upgrading your
installation to the tip, for the next few weeks. Keep backups of your
data/ directory, your localconfig file, and your database.

	There are some cool results already, though. Try doing "perldoc" on the tip, and you can see its perldoc. :-)

	Eventually, one day, I hope that a lot of the checksetup code can run
from a CGI, granting the wish of many, many users.

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