Branch Intelligence in Bugzilla

John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Fri Jul 28 16:26:16 UTC 2006

I hope you don't mind a lurker poking in 2cents worth...
I modified a Bugzilla  2.17 vintage to include found-in and fixed-in 
fields, a branch field for differing CVS branches, and cloned bugs to 
keep track of single problems that occur in multiple code trees.
( i.e. the algorithm is roughly the same, but the code is separate )  It 
should be noted that we have several different hardware platforms, that 
have somewhat different APIs and capability/capacity.
Its turns out that Test are the most fanatical about the clones/branches 
and fixed-in requirement. They need to keep track of which fix they 
tested on which hardware- just because it works on the A model doesn't 
mean it works on the T model. you get the idea...

So to answer Max's question, its true all the time for us too, but 
tracking testing is equally important. We don't have enough engineers to 
fix everything everywhere right away. Who does?


Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
>> Does that actually happen that frequently, though, that something is 
>> fixed on the
>> trunk but not on a branch?
> 100% of the time, for Mozilla.  Branch fixes require additional 
> approvals, after the the trunk fix has been verified.
>> Usually in that case I just leave a bug open, and leave a comment on 
>> it...
> That gives really bad tracking of what's fixed on trunk.
> -Boris
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