Branch Intelligence in Bugzilla

Dave Williss dwilliss at
Thu Jul 27 17:40:14 UTC 2006

I know at our site, we actually use the "Target Milestone" to indicate
the version a bug was fixed in, and we don't usually even set it until
it's fixed.  Occasionally we will set it if a bug is marked as a blocker
to indicate which version it's blocking.  But we find a better way to
mark bugs as blocking a release is to issue a bug with the summary
something like "Get version X.Y out the door" and make it any bugs
that would prevent the release a blocker of that bug.

So for us, "Target Milestone" is used more for historical reference than
planning.  We would much rather have a "Fixed In"

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> Max Kanat-Alexander schrieb:
>> * Fix In: (Put all branch versions here)
>> "Fix In" would represent both the version we plan to fix it in, and the
>> version it was actually fixed in.
> How do we make sure then that bugs that had been targeted (planned) to 
> be fixed in that release and actually didn't make it are not mistakenly 
> marked as fixed when the release is actually out?
> The overall idea sounds good, but mixing the target and "fixed in" 
> sounds a bit dangerous to me. Though I think replacing our "fixed*" 
> keywords (possibly even "verified*"?) with such a branch-aware field 
> would be really nice...
> Robert Kaiser
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