[Fwd: bugzilla.org cvs update]

Colin Ogilvie bugzilla at colinogilvie.co.uk
Fri Jul 21 22:07:13 UTC 2006

David Miller wrote:
> The docs build on the website is broken.  The web server does not have a 
> copy of Bugzilla/Install/Requirements.pm, nor is it practical to give it 
> one.

Can I ask why it's not practical to give it one?

It is (in my opinion anyway) beneficial to have the docs information
coming from the same source as checksetup.pl - especially when people
seem to forget the documentation...

Other than reverting the patch, and going back to the old way of doing
things, the only other option I can see is to have landfill check in the
documentation to the website CVS Repository from the tinderbox when the
documentation changes...


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