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Amit Sharma asharma at
Tue Jul 11 07:56:02 UTC 2006

Dear All,

Graphs are not generated in the bugzilla. Please help.

[root at bugzilla bugzilla]# perl

Checking perl modules ...
Checking for       AppConfig (v1.52)   ok: found v1.56
Checking for             CGI (v2.93)   ok: found v3.05
Checking for    Data::Dumper (any)     ok: found v2.121
Checking for    Date::Format (v2.21)   ok: found v2.22
Checking for             DBI (v1.38)   ok: found v1.40
Checking for      File::Spec (v0.84)   ok: found v0.87
Checking for      File::Temp (any)     ok: found v0.14
Checking for        Template (v2.08)   ok: found v2.15
Checking for      Text::Wrap (v2001.0131) ok: found v2001.09292
Checking for    Mail::Mailer (v1.65)   ok: found v1.74
Checking for        Storable (any)     ok: found v2.13

The following Perl modules are optional:
Checking for              GD (v1.20)   ok: found v2.34
Checking for     Chart::Base (v1.0)    ok: found v2.3
Checking for     XML::Parser (any)     ok: found v2.34
Checking for       GD::Graph (any)     ok: found v1.4308
Checking for GD::Text::Align (any)     ok: found v1.18
Checking for     PatchReader (v0.9.4)  ok: found v0.9.5

Checking user setup ...
Removing existing compiled templates ...
Precompiling templates ...
Checking for      DBD::mysql (v2.9003) ok: found v3.0006
Checking for           MySQL (v3.23.41) ok: found v4.1.7

Populating duplicates table...
[root at bugzilla bugzilla]# perl
TEST-OK Webserver is running under group id in $webservergroup.
TEST-OK Got ant picture.
TEST-OK Webserver is executing CGIs.
TEST-OK Webserver is preventing fetch of
TEST-OK GD version 2.34, libgd version 2.0.33; Major versions match.
TEST-WARNING GD library generated a PNG that didn't match the expected image.
It has been saved as ./data/testgd-local.png and should be compared with t/testgd.png
TEST-OK Chart library generated a good PNG image

Thanks and Regards

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