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Amit - please use the Support mailing list for this type of question (as
Dave documented a few emails ago).


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Dear All,


Graphical reports are not coming in the bugzilla. It is not showing any
error while click the graphical reports menu. But, when I run the test
server it is saying that the png image generated is not matching with
the png image generated by the testserver.


please help. I think it is the final stage of implementation.. therefore
please help.





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	No, however we can host your bugzilla on our servers and provide
all necessary services to support your company.  Bugzilla does not run
under a Microsoft framework it was developed use with mySQL however they
are doing a rewrite as we speak and it may be more compatible in the
	If you are interested let me know how many users and projects
you are working with.

	On 7/6/06, Kandagatla, Satya < skandagatla at>


	I am not sure whether I am posting the question at the right
place or not but I thought it would be worth trying: 

	We have the following development environment at our work place:

	Microsoft .Net Framework

	Winforms/Webforms (Visual Studio.Net) 

	Webservers have Microsoft Windows 2003 as Server OS 

	Database is SQL Server.

	So my question is, can we install BugZilla successfully and use
it as our defect tracking system? 

	Thanks in advance. 



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