prioritizing custom fields development

Stuart Donaldson stu at
Thu Feb 23 05:15:11 UTC 2006

Frédéric Buclin wrote:

>>     * administer custom fields via a web interface;
> This one is definitely what I would like to see asap. I hope 
> 'administer' also means creating and removing fields.

I am curious about this one, because it really seems to me like one of 
the lowest priorities.  Administration is a rarely done task, typically 
done at configuration time.  And since it doesn't support per-project 
custom fields, you don't even do the administration on a per project basis.

Perhaps I am wrong here, but it seems like the priority should be about 
functionality for the operation and use of custom fields. Heck, I don't 
mind making changes in a configuration file or simple perl code changes 
to administer custom fields.

Is the issue that you are targeting a system where the bugzilla 
administrator does not have command line access?


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