prioritizing custom fields development

Myk Melez myk at
Wed Feb 22 23:24:12 UTC 2006

My initial custom fields implementation has now been checked in and will 
be appearing in the 2.24 release.  It supports adding plain-text custom 
fields which can be edited from the "edit bug" form and searched against 
from the "search" page.  But the implementation needs more work to be 
truly useful, and since there are many valuable enhancements, it would 
be useful to prioritize them.

Which custom field functionality is most important to you?  For 
reference, here's a list of proposed enhancements linked to bug reports 
where available.  But don't limit your feedback to just these items.  
Let me know what else you're looking for, and in what order.

Potential Functionality:

    * product/component-specific custom fields;
    * administer custom fields via a web interface;
    * position custom fields at arbitrary locations in the "edit bug" form;
    * single-select custom fields;
    * type-constrained plain-text custom fields;
    * multi-select custom fields;
    * "Bugzilla user" custom fields;
    * "Bug ID" custom fields.


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