Which version to upgrade to for Bugzilla's MySQL server?

Eddie Xie exie at linkageposted.longmusic.com
Tue Feb 21 21:59:43 UTC 2006

On 2006 February 17 (Fri) 08:49:36am PST, "Benton, Kevin" <kevin.benton at amd.com> wrote:
> > > My Bugzilla is using an old version of MySQL ("Ver 3.23.51 for
> > > pc-linux-gnu on i686"), so I am going to upgrade it.
> > 
> > > I see that MySQL 5.0 has been out for a few months now.  What are
> > > people's experiences with it?  Has it been field tested enough to be
> > > found reliable for use?  Or should I go instead to the last release of
> > > in the MySQL 4 line?
> > 
> > AFAIK, prior to 2.20 of Bugzilla aren't tested very well using MySQL 5.
> > 2.22 will be much well tested though.
> You're right that Bugzilla flat-out doesn't work at all with MySQL
> 5.0.12 and higher prior to Bugzilla 2.20rc1.  This is due to a
> significant change in query requirements from MySQL (making it more ANSI
> compliant).  MySQL doesn't allow SELECT a, b FROM t1, t2 LEFT JOIN t3
> ... because it's ambiguous (which table should MySQL join t3 to, t1, or
> t2?).  In Bugzilla 2.20, code was updated to make it work with PgSQL and
> some of these issues were resolved without making specific attempts at
> becoming MySQL 5.x compliant.  2.20 was released prior to MySQL 5, so
> testing against MySQL 5 was not wise (it was still in development).
> There may be other reasons, but your best bet is to go with at least
> Bugzilla 2.20 (release).  If you choose to wait for 2.22, we're
> expecting to enter the release candidate process for 2.22 soon.

I didn't know that MySQL 5 changed the SELECT syntax.  That's good to
know.  As it happens, my Bugzilla based on a much earlier version than
2.20.  It's also has heavy modifications in it, so upgrading to
Bugzilla to 2.22 or even 2.20 is not feasible.  But it also turns out
that modifying Bugzilla for this new syntax is pretty easy for me.
(There's one place where I changed >>","<< to >>" JOIN"<<.)  I guess
some of the complications to this transition didn't get introduced
until later.

It looks like this new syntax is much better for me, since it allows
me to make queries I would not have been able to make without
scripting otherwise.

Thence, I would prefer to upgrade to MySQL 5, assume that MySQL 5 has
been found to be reliable in practice.  Have people been using any
versions of Bugzilla with MySQL 5?

Eddie Xie

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