Sub-bug issue revisited

Martin d'Anjou mdanjou at
Wed Feb 15 20:02:54 UTC 2006

> I'm just "free-thinking" about this at the moment and would like any
> feedback you may want to offer.

Here is some experience with a user hack that implements more or less the 
idea of "sub-bugs".

Regarding sub-bugs, I would be very happy to have a solution that works. I 
have hacked the source code in my installation to create "families of 
bugs", such that when a bug is opened, the user can effectively open a 
tree of bugs with all children blocking the parent bug from closing until 
the children bugs are closed. We use this to track bugs that need action 
across multiple components. Children bugs can then be assigned to 
different individuals and worked on at the same time. The alternative is 
to keep the bug open and reassign it around until we're done with all the 
fixes, but this is not very effective as someone will always slow down the 
chain somewhere.

In my hack, I have not gotten around displaying parent and children 
statuses on the same page yet.


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