Minutes for Bugzilla Meeting, 2006-02-14

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Tue Feb 14 22:15:02 UTC 2006

	We had our second Bugzilla Meeting today. Here's what we discussed:

	If you were unable to attend, please read the log and give your


	* We haven't released 2.22rc1 yet. I'd really appreciate having an
Assistant Release Manager, if anybody's interested. :-) Anybody is
qualified--I'll train you. :-)

	* Debian is going to keep patching 2.16 in their packages, but 2.16.11
will probably be our last official bugzilla.org release. If you file a
security bug that affects 2.16, CC sukria on it so that he can fix it
for Debian.

	* We need more reviewers. :-) If you'd like to be a Bugzilla reviewer,
a good way to start is to find some really old review requests and do an
informal review on them.

	* We need help triaging old review requests. Certain users no longer
respond to reviews (Nick, Tobias, Jouni, Zach, Travis, Jake, and Erik, I
believe--although if you're any of those people and you'd like to
respond to reviews, just let me know) and any reviews to them should be
	o Set to the proper reviewer per
	o Set to blank
	o Quickly reviewed to note that the patch no longer applies to CVS tip.
	Anybody is welcome to do this, we'd really appreciate the assistance!
Also, any review requests that are very, very old should be similarly
triaged even if they're assigned to an active developer.

	* We updated the Reviewer List showing who's responsible for what:


	* We could use a reviewer with LDAP experience who'd like to review a
few patches. They can be informal reviews; just test the code and look
it over for sanity. An official reviewer can do everything else.

	* I'd like to have somebody be in charge of recruiting and welcoming
new developers. Somebody who could make life as easy as possible for new
Bugzilla developers and reviewers. If you're interested, contact me in
#mozwebtools, email this list, or email me directly.

	* We need to organize a docs team again. Come one, come all, document

	* We could use some tests for correct SQL. See bug 247560 and bug

	* Performance issues are high priority for 3.0. As we've known for a
long time, the two big performance issues are mod_perl and making
BugMail faster in process_bug.cgi. mod_perl comes first, as our highest
priority for 3.0. We also need a ->new_from_list() method for Product.pm
and friends, so that we only do one SQL call instead of 1800 if we're
going to load 1800 Product objects.

	* summarize_time.cgi could use some improvements (see the log), but
nobody in particular stepped up to maintain it.

	* For the most part, we aren't going to remove any
backwards-compatibility code for Bugzilla 3.0. There's a slight chance
we'll have a new checksetup.pl. We definitely don't want to break URLs.
See bug 327193 if you'd like to discuss removing certain
backwards-compatibility elements.

	Our next meeting is two weeks from today, same time! (19:00 GMT,
Tuesday February 28th)

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