Bugzilla contract at VMware

Jonathan Schatz jon at vmware.com
Tue Aug 15 16:39:08 UTC 2006


VMware is seeking a bugzilla hacker for a 6 month contract with the
possibility of converting to full-time. Our current environment uses three
seperate bugzilla instances for resume tracking, bug tracking, and trouble
ticket tracking. This particular project will be working on the trouble
ticketing system. Our entire company is moving to use this particular
instance, and a lot of work needs to be done on it. It's a fork from 2.18.x
with some minor customizations on the back end and in the templates. You'll
probably also be working on our bug tracking instance, which is a heavily
customized fork of the 2.17.x branch with some really cool features that I'd
like to eventually try and get rolled back into the main branch (but that's
another story :-)).

The ideal candidate for this position will be in the SF Bay area. The work
will be done in one of our Palo Alto offices, but we may move to our San
Francisco office, so transportation to either location shouldn't be an issue
for you. Besides intimate familiarity with the bugzilla code base, we want
someone with strong OO perl and mod_perl skills. Perforce and LDAP experience
are preferred, but if you have all of the above and are lacking one of those
we might still be able to make do. 

If this interests you, please email your resume and a short cover letter.
This project has already started, so this position would start as soon as
possible. I don't have compensation information yet from my manager, but it
should be decided on shortly. 



ps - if jobs are off-topic on this list now I apologize

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