Possibly moving to InnoDB

Tomas Kopal Tomas.Kopal at altap.cz
Tue Aug 8 07:38:56 UTC 2006

Well, I haven't contributed to bugzilla for some time due to my current 
time constraints, but I am still following the discussion, and this one 
caught my attention :-).

On 7.8.2006 20:01, Myk Melez wrote:
> Jeffrey Hulten wrote:
>> The other possibility is to make the indexing of the full text be 
>> programmatical instead of a function of the database operation.  In 
>> other words, index it ourselves.
> Right.  One way to do this would be to duplicate both summary and 
> comment data in a separate table specifically designed for fulltext 
> indexing, so that both bugs and longdescs can get transactions and 
> referential integrity, i.e.:
> Otherwise, we could roll our own fulltext engine or use something like 
> Senna <http://qwik.jp/senna/>.
> -myk

I would like to support this way of thinking, as removing the dependency 
on native MySQL fulltext search would also remove (probably the last?) 
dependency on MySQL specific behavior.
I mean, if we solve the full text search problem in DB agnostic way, 
we'd get not only greater independence on MySQL DB engine (btw., 
according to the solid web, the solidDB engine does not support fulltext 
indexing), but also full text search on other DBs like Postgres (and 
Oracle etc. in the future).
The only requirement is this to be DB agnostic, so Senna probably does 
not fit...

Back into read-only mode now... :-)


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