Deadline Sorting

Jared Hall-Dugas jhalldugas at
Mon Oct 31 18:06:58 UTC 2005

Hey guys,

    I am one of the admins for my company's Bugzilla site.  We are
interested in using more of the task functionality of Bugzilla but we
have run into the problem of sorting bugs by Deadline.  This makes task
tracking very difficult.  (The bug is already bugged in your database:  Is there anyone
working on this problem?  I would think that a lot of people could use
this fix.  Also, if it is being worked on, is there a time-table for it
to be done by?  We are going to upgrade to 2.20 to gain this
functionality but that bug is putting a snafu in our plans.

Jared Hall-Dugas
jhalldugas at
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