[Fwd: Re: canconfirm priviledges]

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Oct 27 18:35:29 UTC 2005

Gervase Markham wrote on 10/27/05 1:20 PM:
> David Miller wrote:
>> Gervase Markham wrote on 10/27/05 10:47 AM:
>>> I gave someone canconfirm (only) recently on b.m.o. and they said it 
>>> didn't work. See below. I am away for four weeks from Sunday, so 
>>> don't have time to investigate. Can someone check it out?
>>> On 10/26/05, Gervase Markham <gerv at mozilla.org> wrote:
>>>> It's definitely set on account
>>>> mstrumyla at gmail.com
>> This user does not have canconfirm privs on bmo, and the activity log 
>> says he never did.  It's not a problem with Bugzilla.
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/editusers.cgi?action=edit&user=mstrumyla@gmail.com 
> has both canconfirm and editbugs checked for me...
> Something odd is going on here.

OK, now you have my curiosity piqued.  When I click your link, I also 
see those boxes checked.  I also see that his real name and login_name 
are blank on the form.

If you enter his email in the search box on editusers and click the 
resulting link, then you get a form that does have his user name and 
real name on the form, and the boxes are not checked.

Clicking the link from the search results gives you an editusers with 
his userid in the URL instead of the email address.

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