Shadow Database Usage in the Bugzilla::DB world

David Miller justdave at
Tue Oct 25 07:15:36 UTC 2005

It seems that our usage of shadow databases go completely screwed over 
by the switch to using DBI instead of the old SendSQL and friends. (This 
is a 2.20 regression)


The short version is Bugzilla->switch_to_shadow_db() can't change a $dbh 
variable that you already have in your possession.  We only needed that 
routine because SendSQL didn't take a handle as an argument.  Since the 
scripts are now managing their own database handles, we need a way for 
scripts to grab the shadowdb handle independently and keep track of it 
themselves.  I made better sense when I said it on the bug, go read my 
comments there. ;)

I thought it worth a mention here because this is going to change the 
way developers deal with the shadowdb.

Dave Miller                         
System Administrator, Mozilla Corporation
Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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