Recommendations for Bugzilla hardware

Eddie Xie exie at
Tue Oct 18 22:31:25 UTC 2005

Hi, Kevin.  Thanks for your advice, but I think you're
misunderstanding the situation I'm in.  I'm not installing Bugzilla
for the first time.  We already have over 100 users and 50,000 bugs.
I want to migrate it to a larger system, and I wanted to know where to
direct our investment.

If we could get a dual processor machine with each processor being
faster than the single processor we have now plus much more RAM plus a
bigger, faster, RAID system, then I know that the new system would be
faster, but I also know we'd be spending a lot of money that could
more usefully be spent elsewhere.  But where should the money be spent?
I was trying to figure that out.

On 2005 October 18 (Tue) 03:02:59pm PDT, "Benton, Kevin" <kevin.benton at> wrote: 
> Eddie - try putting it on a desktop-sized machine and see if that's fast 
> enough for you.  Bugzilla, Apache, and MySQL don't require exotic 
> hardware for small installations.  As your needs increase....

Eddie Xie

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