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Tue Oct 18 19:33:37 UTC 2005

I would suggest that you consider modifying the existing keywords
database instead, adding a new cross-reference table connecting keywords
to groups.  I'd also suggest considering adding a system group called
"All Bugzilla Users" (or something like that) and link all your "global"
keywords back to that group.  Of course, that group's regexp would be .*
and would have no privileges associated with it.  If you do it that way,
then you don't have to deal with two different kinds of keywords.  You
can also make the same keyword map to multiple groups.

What's more important, is it would be a lot easier to integrate into the
tip than to have to integrate two separate methods of dealing with
keywords.  If it gets integrated into our code, then you don't have to
maintain that customization any longer. :)

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> Subject: group keywords
> Hey, all.
> I've been asked to implement group keywords on our local Bugzilla and
> thought this would be a good opportunity to resolve bug #167017.
> I'm not sure on how to implement this, though, and wanted to get input
> from other people. My thoughts (or lack thereof):
> - Global keywords would be entered via editkeywords.cgi, the way they
> now
> - per-Group keywords, via editgroups.cgi (??)
> - per-User keywords would be done via editsettings.cgi
> There'ld be a namespace for all of this via a field in the keywords
> One thing I'm having trouble with is multiple occurences of the same
> How do I allow people to distinguish global keywords and group
keywords ?
> How do I handle the case where somebody is a member of two groups,
both of
> whom have the same keyword defined ?
> Comments, anyone ?
> Emmanuel
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