Emergency checkin procedures

Frédéric Buclin LpSolit at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 08:45:47 UTC 2005

> I think lpsolit and I set justdave up on this......

> we told justdave....
>  >>>  well, if we don't want to loose this "privilege", we (reviewers) 
> have no interest in abusing it

Be sure that without justdave's valuable precision (I was going to say 
"warning") some of us (reviewers), especially those who were not in the 
IRC channel when we discussed this rule, could be tempted to do checkins 
even for moderately critical bugs, invoking this bypass. At least, the 
rule is now clear. If some of you think that there is too much 
bureaucracy or that conditions are too explicit for "professionals" like 
us (who said we were all "professionals"??), well... reread policies 
about your CVS write access, and you will notice that such 
"recommandations" also exist; but nobody complained so far, as far as I 

Frederic (LpSolit)

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