Setting version on all products, getting closer to flame :)

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Thu Oct 6 14:49:10 UTC 2005

We are getting further off-topic, but I can't answer to you directly.
Please, reply to me at dennis.melentyev at if you still
interesting :)

Let me slightly change the rules, still meeting most situations:

1. Each company (even tiny) has a technical person, able to write a
simple script (in his favorite language)
2. Script is more reliable that manual work

So, all things are falling into hily wars like "Plan your technology to
have it reliable" vs "Standard tools are good enough, so hiring another
employee for stupid work is cheaper"
What's interesting, both points are right. In different situations.

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> You're assuming that
> 1) Eveyone knows how to code in <whatever language you choose>;
> 2) Its faster to do with a script than with copy/past.
> Don't get fooled by bad technical solutions. Currently we 
> have an import
> users CGI I made in BZ but it was not that simple to do. 
> Specially since we
> have an Excel document which contains the e-mails of the 
> users we want to
> add :)
> And trust me, importing an Excel in to BZ is much harder than 
> copy-pasting
> 200 lines into cmd.exe. And more error-prone. Of course a 
> simple VBA macro
> would solve it but again it fails against rule #1.
> Besides, a solution which takes 5 min to implement by a 
> non-technical person
> and operates as fast as any other is a very cheap one which is,
> consequently, an excelent engineering solution :) (fast, 
> cheap, it works --
> what else do you want!?)
> :)
> Paulo
> PS: Don't get carried away. Remember: there is no perl, 
> python, bash, or
> whatever in the default windows installation...
> > We actually use this technique to create users in a project (we 
> > usually create projects with hundreds of users) so we build cells
> with:
> > 
> > Firefox.exe http://THE_URL_BUILT_AS_ABOVE
> > 
> > And we copy/paste the lines into cmd.exe.
> > 
> > Of course, this *IS* a hack and clearly unsupported :) but 
> it works :)
> Poor, poor Win users... Cut'n'Paste (HUNDREDS!!!), Excel, etc...
> Isn't it easier to make a tiny perl script to generate .cmd, or, even
> directly get pages called?
> Like this:

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