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Paulo Casanova paulo.casanova at
Thu Oct 6 12:45:40 UTC 2005

You're assuming that
1) Eveyone knows how to code in <whatever language you choose>;
2) Its faster to do with a script than with copy/past.

Don't get fooled by bad technical solutions. Currently we have an import
users CGI I made in BZ but it was not that simple to do. Specially since we
have an Excel document which contains the e-mails of the users we want to
add :)

And trust me, importing an Excel in to BZ is much harder than copy-pasting
200 lines into cmd.exe. And more error-prone. Of course a simple VBA macro
would solve it but again it fails against rule #1.

Besides, a solution which takes 5 min to implement by a non-technical person
and operates as fast as any other is a very cheap one which is,
consequently, an excelent engineering solution :) (fast, cheap, it works --
what else do you want!?)


PS: Don't get carried away. Remember: there is no perl, python, bash, or
whatever in the default windows installation...

> We actually use this technique to create users in a project (we 
> usually create projects with hundreds of users) so we build cells
> Firefox.exe http://THE_URL_BUILT_AS_ABOVE
> And we copy/paste the lines into cmd.exe.
> Of course, this *IS* a hack and clearly unsupported :) but it works :)
Poor, poor Win users... Cut'n'Paste (HUNDREDS!!!), Excel, etc...
Isn't it easier to make a tiny perl script to generate .cmd, or, even
directly get pages called?
Like this:

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