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Paulo Casanova paulo.casanova at
Thu Oct 6 11:14:31 UTC 2005

Well, actually there is :) but its kinda a hack :)

If you use the following URL:


You can create a version directly by calling the URL.

If you use a tool such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc you can easily
create a formula which will build the URLs for you and then you just have to
click on them :)

We actually use this technique to create users in a project (we usually
create projects with hundreds of users) so we build cells with:

Firefox.exe http://THE_URL_BUILT_AS_ABOVE

And we copy/paste the lines into cmd.exe.

Of course, this *IS* a hack and clearly unsupported :) but it works :)


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Martin Kirk wrote:
> Our software suite (OpenPegasu) is divied into multiple products for 
> bug reporting purposes. IS there any simple way to add a new version 
> to all the products at the same time. It is beginning to get tedious 
> :)

As you may have seen when you subscribed, this is a developers mailing list,
not a support one. Future support requests are best directed to the
appropriate places as outlined on the website.

No, there isn't. :-|

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