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It won't have any more affect than if you were using the bugzilla web interface.
If it makes sense for you to use it and you like it, I'd say go for it. It's just another client interface into the bugzilla system which is all the web interface is, they're both talking to the same backend (in mostly the same manner as far as the SQL requests are concerned). The only caveat to all this is: it's not suported! So don't file bugs against bugzilla from a problem that arrises due to using it, sorry.   :-)


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I haven't looked at it closely, so I'm not sure, but I'm cc:ing Bugzilla 
developers, who might know more about it and its effects.


Mike Beltzner wrote:
> Hey Myk,
> mconnor and I are playing with Deskzilla[1], and just wondering if you 
> had any comment on how it would affect load on the 
> server. I'm kinda tempted to say that due to the 
> effects of local caching, it might actually reduce the overall load, 
> but I haven't seen how they interface with the server itself.
> cheers,
> mike
> [1]

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