Do we want Bugzilla to be case-sensitive or case-insensitive?

byron bugzilla at
Thu Nov 3 02:00:12 UTC 2005

> > insensitive.
> On IRC, some of us came to the conclusion that choosing either 
> PostgreSQL or MySQL is a strategical choice, depending of what companies 
> want in terms of intrinsic properties. In the same way some users like 
> *nix case-sensitiveness, some others prefer windows case-insensitiveness.

yeah, but database choice shouldn't affect how bugzilla works.

> Forcing all comparisons to be case-insensitive would require to rewrite 
> 98% of all SQL queries!!


> case-insensitive. But it appears that is *not* possible to change this 
> behavior in PostgreSQL, at all. I don't know how Oracle behaves, though.

for what it's worth, ms-sql is case-insensitive by default.

the default behavour is chosen as install time, and with ms-sql 2000 it's set
at database/table creation time.  so you can't change it without recreating
the database and/or table.

to do case sensitivity against a table that has case-insensitive collation you
need to cast the fields _and_ data as varbinary

  select * from users where cast(username as varbinary) = cast('byron.jones'
    as varbinary)

of course this is ms-sql specific.

> No matter what we choose, it won't be a simple problem to fix. :(

roger that!


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