post-hackathon update and feedback request

Mick Weiss micklweiss at
Sat Jul 30 06:06:53 UTC 2005

Myk Melez wrote:

> We had a great UI hackathon today, focusing on attachments usability 
> and usefulness with half a dozen to a dozen developers and users.

I rather enjoyed it myself.

> ....
> A rough list with some notes and links is available on the hackathon 
> wiki scratchpad <>.
> I'd love to get feedback about the event to help me improve future 
> ones.  For those who attended: 

> Was it helpful?  

Yes. Those brainstorming sessions are always great.

> What worked well?  

The fact that we all collaborated in real time. Mailinglists are good, 
but there is a delay. The fact that we had a separate channel was also 
good. The fact that it was focused was also good IMO.

> ...

> I'm also trying to decide when the next (and subsequent) hackathons 
> should be held, and what we should focus on.  

I think that hackathons could be focused on various topics. If it is 
right before a release... then a hackathon on the blockers/critical bugs 
would be best. Otherwise, I think that we should move from topic to 
topic gradually. Once something is "pretty much covered" we can move to 
the next topic. Jumping around may not work for the people with mild 
A.D.D. ;-)

> I can't please everybody, but knowing your schedules, availability, 
> and interest will help figure out what makes the most sense.  

I'm pretty flexable with this.

> For those interested in participating: What day(s) of the week work 
> best?  

Friday nights EDT. I'm not working on work related stuff as much and I'm 
coding anyway. This is also good if we have a hackathon on patches. This 
gives us the weekend to completely test code and have it perfect by Monday.

> How often can you attend?  

hopefully 100% of the time and at least lurk around.

> What would you like to work on?  

The UI. I think that there should be skins. In  a /skins directory (not 
sure how this effects templates/ and css/).

> Should we stay focused on one area across several hackathons or jump 
> to different areas each time?

Focus is a plus.

> Thanks again to everyone who participated!  I look forward to your 
> feedback and the next hackathon!


- Mick

> -myk

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