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Dave Obler David_Obler at ssaihq.com
Tue Jul 26 12:09:53 UTC 2005


I vote for Zarro Boogs found, even though I grep'd the code and changed 
it to 'HAL 9000 reports zero bugs'

My .02


Frédéric Buclin wrote:

>> Personally, I like "Zarro Boogs", but the community (via a bunch of 
>> posts to the Bugzilla developers mailing list) seems to be leaning 
>> pretty heavily in favor of "Got Bugs", so let's go with that (provided 
> "Zarro Boogs" is funny (and is in the same spirit of our two 
> "emergency" releases 2.16.10 and 2.18.3); "Got Bugs" is too serious... 
> and I'm almost never serious! ;-) But I prefer "Got Bugs" than 
> "Bugzilla: We take bugs seriously."
> About having a big red (or any other color) "Bugzilla" or any other 
> text in the back, as someone suggested this week-end, is not what I 
> prefer.
> Frédéric
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