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Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Tue Jul 26 02:08:27 UTC 2005

Marcia Knous wrote:
> Max: First, the min order for a polo is much more than 21 shirts.  
> Since the Mozilla store would have to take on this initial order and 
> it would be sold on the store site, there would have to be a lot more 
> interest in a polo before we would take that step.
Speaking only for myself, I'm looking forward to the t-shirts, since I 
don't wear polos.

> As far as the tag line, not sure if we could use "Got Bugs?" because 
> of the whole "Got Milk?" campaign.
Got *, where * is something an organization is advertising, is commonly 
used these days, and there's no indication that the Got Milk campaign 
has had any problem with it.  We shouldn't worry about such things 
without reason.
>   The other option is to just do the shirt without any tag line and 
> simply use the text "Bugzilla."
To me it makes sense to use the tagline preferred by the community of 
Bugzilla users and developers.  After all, Bugzilla t-shirt users are 
advertising a connection to that community, and the t-shirt should 
reflect the community spirit.

Personally, I like "Zarro Boogs", but the community (via a bunch of 
posts to the Bugzilla developers mailing list) seems to be leaning 
pretty heavily in favor of "Got Bugs", so let's go with that (provided 
Dave agrees--Dave?).


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