Bugzilla UI hackathon #1: July 29; attachments

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Sun Jul 24 18:23:46 UTC 2005

Kiffin Gish wrote:
> Here's something that be an interesting fix to the 'comments too long' 
> problem
I'm not inclined to forbid people from entering comments above a certain 
size.  There may be legitimate uses for long comments, so I'd rather 
direct users to submit long comments as attachments while still letting 
them submit them as comments if they deem that appropriate.

One option is to warn users if their comment exceeds a certain size.  
Another is to provide a "make this comment an attachment" checkbox and 
check it automatically if the comment exceeds a certain size.

Let's discuss this further at the hackathon.


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