Bugzilla UI hackathon #1: July 29; attachments

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Sat Jul 23 15:50:27 UTC 2005

Damien Miller wrote:
> One thing I hack into OpenSSH's bugzilla is a message above the comment
> entry box: "Do not enter patches, source code or long debug traces here.
> Please use the Attachments feature instead."
> This is borne of frustration of users pasting huge gobs of text into
> comments, especially patches. Could you please consider adding a similar
> message, or perhaps a automatic warning if a comment is over a certain
> number of lines?
That's a good idea.  I bet we could count lines (or characters, more 
likely) with a JavaScript event handler and display a warning if the 
comment gets too long.


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