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Gregary Hendricks ghendricks at
Fri Jul 22 21:20:20 UTC 2005

		On Wednesday 20 July 2005 14:05, Gervase Markham wrote:
> Thomas, Steve wrote:
> > Our users like to use the Windows Print Screen functionality to
> > paste a screenshot of a bug into email.
> >
> > Now that we're moving them to Bugzilla I'd like to try to get
> > something similar. I can probably hack something together myself,
> > does anybody know if anybody else has done this?
> Apart from Joel Spolsky for FogBugz? ;-)
> Probably the smoothest way would be for you to write a tray icon app
> which read the clipboard, created an image file, and attached it to
> given bug number. So you press Alt-PrtScrn, click on the tray icon,
> enter the bug number in the box which pops up.
> Gerv
> -
There are a number of apps for windows that do this already. I can't
off the top of my head a name but I know I have used some in the past.

One thing to watch out for that has caused us some consternation is
that many 
of the windows apps (MS Paint especially) saves the screen shot as an 
uncompressed bmp file which can eat up disk space in a hurry. We have
added a 
little hack to bugzilla to automatically convert bmp to png files when
are attached. If there is any interest i can send a patch.

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