problems with mail interface

Guillaume Rousse Guillaume.Rousse at
Thu Jul 21 21:39:13 UTC 2005

I got some questions about the mail interface...

First, it's a bit hard to figure what files exactly compose it. It seems 
they are the following ones:
- to add new comments to an existing bug
- to add new bugs
- bugmail_help.html
- README.Mailif
- bugzilla.procmailrc
Wheras the following one are not related, despite the name:

Second, I found several problem using it:
- uncoherent naming (bug_email vs bugzilla_email)
- hardcoded configuration value (from header)
- need to use procmail for picking the correct one
- missing features (no way to close a bug)

I've some ideas for solving those issues, such as merging those scripts, 
using a parameters for the from header in the bugzilla configuration, 
and completing features. Any interest ?

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