Screen shots for Bugzilla

Zach Lipton zach at
Tue Jul 19 21:01:59 UTC 2005

On Jul 19, 2005, at 1:40 PM, Thomas, Steve wrote:
> Our users like to use the Windows Print Screen functionality to  
> quickly paste a screenshot of a bug into email.

First of all, does this mean that Ebay is going to be using Bugzilla?  
If so, cool! :-)
> a)     The Bug Entry page to allow attachments (yes, I know, there  
> is no Bug ID yet, so that is a pain)
This likely wouldn't take too much work. Add a file upload field to  
the enter bug template and then adjust post_bug.cgi to create a new  
attachment after the bug itself is created (basically just copy insert 
() from attachment.cgi). Of course, you'll need to add the new  
attachment ID to the bug.
> b)     An attachment to be cut/pasted into a buffer and then saved  
> into a JPG
This creates a much different sort of problem. HTML doesn't have a  
tag for a widget that you can copy/paste an image into (mac users  
would call this an image well). Users would have to copy their  
screengrabs into an image editing program and save them as a JPG  
manually. If you really had the time and inclination to do this, you  
could build a custom XUL application that your users would copy/paste  
images into and have them uploaded to Bugzilla, but that would only  
work in Mozilla and Firefox and would involve a fair amount of  
difficulty. Presumably, there is some kind of ActiveX control that  
could be built to accomplish the same effect. Alternatively, you  
could teach your users how to properly use the email bug submission  
gateway (the script and documentation are in bugzilla/contrib) and  
let them attach a screenshot to their email and have it submitted  
that way. The downside is that everyone submitting bugs through email  
needs to know how to specify the fields properly (e.g. they have to  
pick a valid product and component and format their email according  
to bugmail_help.html).

Hope this helps,


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