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Marc Schumann wurblzap at
Mon Jul 18 22:14:37 UTC 2005


2005/7/18, Guillaume Rousse <Guillaume.Rousse at>:
> I just found that the installation guide has a section about Mandrake
> 8.0, which is quite outdated. And there is no mention of other Linux
> distributions, such as Debian, whereas just running apt-get install
> bugzilla is enough. Rather than updating it, I rewrote it in a more
> general fashion for all Linux distributions. Here it is.

while I'm entirely unable to judge your patch, I think it should
undergo the normal review process. This involves your patch getting
attached to the corresponding bug in Bugzilla (please file a new bug
if the bug doesn't exist yet) and ask for review (by setting review?
on your patch attachment).

Please do so -- you may experience some useful feedback, and it
enhances visibility and the chance of your patch actually getting
checked in :)

   Kind regards

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