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Wed Jul 13 18:19:00 UTC 2005

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Gervase Markham wrote:

> Urk - please, no :-) We can't try and match bug numbers up. That
> way lies madness.

I agree. We could possibly do something where if a bug doesn't have an
alias it becomes, fe, bmo-74996. The real issue, IMHO, will be making
it so that if bmo's bug 74996 becomes bbo (or whatever) bug 134 that
some comment in bmo bug 73665 that mentions "bug 74996" is somehow
translated into "bug 134".

> A better solution would be for a bug which is RESOLVED MOVED to
> automatically redirect to the new bug in the new Bugzilla... but
> perhaps some people wouldn't like that.

Perhaps a direct redirect may meet some resistance, but I don't see
any issue with a prominate link (perhaps next to the MOVED kinda like
the DUPLICATE of link). This could also help at least a little with
the above mentioned issue. The comment "bug 74996" could be encoded
somehow to link to bmo's bug 74996 which would then link back to bbo
bug 134. A bit of a kludge, but better than doing nothing.
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