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Myk Melez myk at
Wed Jul 13 17:28:34 UTC 2005

Right.  And we should make it clear that we don't recommend that 
Bugzilla installations use this feature, since it adds a dependency on 
the filesystem that imposes limits on your use of Bugzilla.  In 
particular, you can't easily increase Bugzilla capacity by setting up a 
second instance of the app, since you then have to share a filesystem, 
which is harder than sharing a database.

Of course, the feature is the only workable solution for attachments 
greater than 16MB in size on MySQL 3.23, which imposes that limit on the 
size of communication packets.  But MySQL 4.0.1+ accept packets up to 
1GB in size, and 2.22 will require MySQL 4.0.2+, so perhaps this feature 
is no longer necessary and can be removed in 2.22.



Daniel Berlin wrote:
> If you tell it to, yes (IE you have to explicitly turn this on)
> If not, no.
> On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 10:49 -0400, Jason Pyeron wrote:
>> 2.19.3 litters the file system?
>> On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Benton, Kevin wrote:
>>> That's actually been implemented in 2.19.3 if that helps
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