REMIND and LATER considered harmful

Martin d'Anjou Martin.Danjou at
Wed Jul 13 16:51:39 UTC 2005

> > > I think the best way to do this is fix it for new installs, and let 
> > > people with existing installs remove it manually once we have a 
> > > resolutions editor (which we may already have?  resolutions are
> actually 
> > > stored in a table now as of 2.20, instead of being enums)
> >
> > Excuse me for interfering, but would it be beneficial to have the
> entire
> > bug flow customizable instead of just the bug resolution part of it?
> This
> > way people could define their own bug flow.  Bugzilla would just be a
> big
> > state machine manager/history tracker, where states, outputs and
> > transitions are provided by the users.
> That sounds reasonable.  How would you envision it?

Sorry, but I have given no thoughts to this. I was just asking a general


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