REMIND and LATER considered harmful

David Miller justdave at
Wed Jul 13 15:24:02 UTC 2005

Luis Villa wrote:

> P.S. The reason I get pissy about this is that I believe firmly that
> software should be useful out of the box, and we've shipped now for
> six years with defaults that we acknowledge are deeply broken. It
> makes it harder to recommend bugzilla when I've had very smart people
> come to me and say 'well, I just installed bugzilla like you told me,
> and there are these weird resolutions- but I know there must be a
> reason for them, or else why would they be in bugzilla? I guess we'll
> just figure out how to use them.'

Yeah, it sat there for years because MattyT promised us Custom 
Resolutions "really soon now" and then didn't deliver, and it was all 
supposed to go away with custom resolutions.

I think the best way to do this is fix it for new installs, and let 
people with existing installs remove it manually once we have a 
resolutions editor (which we may already have?  resolutions are actually 
stored in a table now as of 2.20, instead of being enums)

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