The state of charting

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Jul 12 10:43:22 UTC 2005

Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:

> 	It's definitely not too late to work out the two release blockers, I
> think. Those are bug 247936 and bug 276230.

These two bugs cut right to the heart of things. The first one is about 
series going away when products go away. Currently, with no official 
link between the two, it's not obvious what should happen. The current 
behaviour is arguably the correct one. The second is about setting 
groups on categories - but really, it's about syncing the groups of 
categories with their matching products. Again, establishing the link 
would solve the problem and mean we didn't need extra UI. Much nicer.

> 	Hrm... well, I think probably if you think that that re-work would be
> *less* invasive to existing code than creating a UI, I'd say to go for
> it.

It's hard to say. I think we need to figure out a technical plan for 
associating products with their categories, and see how invasive it is.

> 	Or, alternately, we could ship another release without bug 276230, and
> push it entirely off to 2.22, with a guarantee of it being there (since
> you're available to code on it).

We could always do that - particularly if we plan a short 2.22 (famous 
last words).


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