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Ed ed.fuentetaja at
Fri Jul 8 10:56:33 UTC 2005

I'd suggest to use Test Runner to document smoke test and keep a track
record of their outcome.

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On 7/8/05, Frédéric Buclin <LpSolit at> wrote:
> > versions 2.16.9 and 2.14.5.  This is really unacceptable and it messes
> > badly with the public perception of our credibility.
> > I'd welcome any other ideas anyone has, too.
> Create a (small) QA team, if possible including some reviewers (who
> should be the most familiar with bz code), and ask them to create this
> smoke test document you are talking about. At least 24 hours before any
> release, no more checkin is allowed. And security patches have to be
> applied manually to avoid making them public (no CVS upload). During
> this "really frozen" period, the QA team checks *all* points of the
> smoke test document, such as:
> - Queries, including query.cgi, buglist.cgi and
> - Creating/changing bugs and attachments, including flags
> - UI
> - Charts/reports
> - E-Mails, including and *whine*.*
> - Admin pages (product, component, ... creation and deletion)
> - Account creation/ prefs settings
> - Some "security" tests
> - Fresh installation/upgrade from older ones
> - Improve and check sanitycheck.cgi (or create your own releasecheck.cgi)
> I am a reviewer, I have access to all security bugs related to Webtools
> and I already do some "QA testing" (kind of). So I agree to belong to
> this QA team.
> But doing checkins 15 minutes before releasing any new version is far
> too short for me, especially when I'm away at this precise moment. :)
> Frederic "LpSolit" Buclin
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